Another gorgeous sunny day. We’re on our way to the park and the grocery store. After 4 days of feasting on raw foodI feel amazing. I see a huge difference in the mirror, and I’m very present emotionally. I usually wear very colorful eye makeup, but these days I love the natural colors of my skin. I’ve opted for simple black liquid eyeliner (egyptian style) and natural lip gloss. I Woke up this morning with visions of homemade nut milk ice cream. YUM! I’ll keep you posted. We have chick peas sprouting in our sprouting jar to make into live hummus in a day or so. The Hippy Gourmet has a video on youtube with one of the chefs from Cafe Gratitude (My favorite Bay Area restaraunt) making live hummus out of almonds. Again… YUM! We’ll be able to start our kitchen garden again soon when our seeds arrive. It seems that every glass jar through our doors is fated to become a delicious sprout garden. It’s just so easy. Until…
Bliss, Love & Richness

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