Yummy Smoothie Cube Popcicles

We’re receiving amazing feedback from readers of Divine Revolution Magazine and connecting with really high and inspiring artists. Feels so good to create something like this with so many gorgeous people.
Yesterday was so fun. Little Lotus and I went to the park, planning on staying for a hour or so. We ednded up staying for about 5 hours! Little Lotus made a new friend. They played in a creek and got all muddy. They looked and worms and ate raisins. It was so much fun we just couldn’t go home.
When we got home, we came up with a great healthy popcicle idea. Remember ice cube popcicles? Well, here is a new twist on an old summertime favorite. Maybe you can make them too.
2 organic bananas
3/4 lb organic strawberries
honey / agave nectar
spring or purified water
ice cube trays
at least 12 plastic baby/toddler spoons (the kind with small spoons and long handles work very well) 
Place clean organic strawberries in blender with organic bananas. Add lots of honey / agave nectar.
Fill blender with spring or purified water. Blend until smooth.
Pour sweet smoothie into ice cube trays (We filled one tray and drank the smoothie while our popcicles froze).
Place a toddler spoon in each cube, handle up. They make great kid-friendly, reuseable popcicle sticks.
Place ice-cube tray in the freezer.
About three hours later you have a healthy, yummy snack.
Get creative and add your favorite fruits! 
These smoothie cube popcicles are great for toddlers. The sticks fit perfectly into their little hands. When they drop half of the popcicle like my little one always does, you don’t mind because it’s only the size of an ice cube. They are also very healthy just like drinking a smoothie. When Little Lotus wanted one for breakfast I gave her one, I was going to make her a smoothie anyway.
Thank you for visiting my blog and Divine Revolution Magazine www.divinerevolutionmag.com
Sending high vibrations your way,
Lovely Lotus

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Unknown
    Apr 11, 2008 @ 20:08:31

    With regard to the frozen smoothie jobbies…one word, two syllables; Yummie!!!
    I love the resoucefullness, the reinventing an old classic and sooo healthy.
    I can almost taste those savory, frozen and smoothilicious treats.
    Way to Go go go.


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