Wow! What a free-spirited day. Tomorrow is Little Lotus’ third Birthday so we began celebrating today. She’s enjoying a conventional birthday cake, & I’ve vowed by next year to perfect a yummy irresistible raw cake for her. Today we’ve enjoyed yummy sprouted hummus & avocado nori wraps. The sprouted hummus recipe is from the Ekaya Institute. Here you go…
Sprouted Hummus
2 cups garbanzo beans (soaked overnight or sprouted for a few days)
1/4 cup olive oil
3 cloves garlic
1/2 teaspoon celtic sea salt
Blend in food processor then add and blend in 1/2 cup of raw tahini.
(I also added to the recipe juice from 1/8-1/4 lemon)
So yummy wrapped in Nori with avocado and onion slices. Little Lotus can’t stop eating them, and she’s learning how to roll her own. I’ve stopped looking at her expectantly when she tries new raw dishes. I just hand it to her and go about my business and she decides if she likes it or not. Less pressure. When I make food for myself she likes to sit on my lap and share Mama’s food
In order to resist the birthday cake I began working on a decadent banana pudding with raw chocolate honey sauce. It was so yummy. Maybe I’ll post the recipe when I work it out a little more.
Divine Revolution Magazine is being received so well. So far this month we’ve already had over 1100 unique visitors to the site. Today alone over 300 people visited DRM, and so many beautiful submissions. This is only our second full issue.
All the best to you Beautiful People
Luvli Lotus

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