Virtual Gathering

The sun is rising over the back yard. Fresh morning air is pouring in through the open widows and back door. Birds singing, bugs buzzing… what a glorious morning. I’m sitting at the computer listening to Goddess music. The song says "Gather we people, gathering we sing, gather we children of the Garden" That is exactly how I feel about Divine Revolution Magazine. What a wonderful virtual gathering!
This morning a couldn’t wait to rise out of bed. My eyes shot open around 2:00 finally at 4:00 I realized that I wasn’t going back to sleep. I was so excited to check my inbox for any responses to this months issue. I love the process of creating DRM, typos and all:) I’m finally getting it that things don’t have to be perfect! We can just begin, and as we continue they get better and better. Actually imperfection can be perfect… sort of quirky.
Well inspiring family and friends, enjoy a wonderful day.THANK YOU FOR JOINING THIS VIRTUAL GATHERING!
In love and bliss
Luvli Lotus, Editor – Divine Revolution Magazine

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