order from chaos

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Soul searching I suppose. Gaining clarity on what to do next with the projects I’ve started. Last week I felt very overwhelmed and this week it all makes sense. Order from chaos.
I was so inspired by a video I watched on Urban Homesteading (thank you  Dervaes – check them out at www.pathtofreedom.com and thanks Angela Stokes www.rawreform.com). Little Lotus and I spent the cooler parts of the day making a compost pile in her old kiddie pool. We even cleared a small space to begin our kiddie pool , raised bed garden. We had so much fun playing in the dirt. She wore her winter gloves (will get little garden gloves soon). The video, called Homegrown Revolution, really helped me realize that we can really start right where we are. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it’s not rocket science, just do it! I was actually waiting to compost until I could afford a bin, then I realized this stuff wants to decompose. If I put it in a pile with some more green and brown stuff and a little water it will do it’s thing.
I’ve been struggling with staying raw. My main challenges are social (going our with friends and family) & economic (how to afford raw organic food on a budget). Recently we’ve discovered about 5 Farmer’s Markets in our area. That has made it alot easier to afford and the food we get is amazing. Yesterday we spent around $20 and came home with pounds of apples and pears, little tiny eggplants, and lots of other goodies. I feel a huge difference in my energy when I eat raw. I sleep much less and I feel light in every way – like I can feel my connection to all things. As soon as I eat something cooked I feel that blissful feeling dissipate. What a gorgeous journey.
Here’s to another amazing day

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