back to bliss

Little Lotus and I have just come through a transition. Transitions can be challenging even if they’re positive. I’ve just cut our weekly food budget by about 50% which I was a little concerned about. I’ve also had a hard time staying raw. I’m still learning techniques to stay raw in changing circumstances and building my will power. It’s a process and a journey for sure! The silver lining to our budget shift is that I am learning ways to eat raw with less money and I’m amazed at my creativity and resourcefulness. I’ve started sprouting more. Right now I have more sprouts than I know what to do with. Alfalfa, mung bean and lentil. Today I tried Juliano’s recipe for hearty lentil soup in his book RAW. The soup is great. I added a little more sea salt than the recipe calls for. I am usually suspect of any recipe that uses avocados because they are sooooo amazing naturally that I have a hard time believing any recipe can compare, but the soup is great. This shift has also insprired me to add a "RAW ON A BUDGET" forum to Divine Revolution Magazine.
We’ve also begun shopping at more farmer’s markets. In the past week we’ve picked up a 4 pound bag of fresh, local organic apples for $3 and  pears for $4. They are a different variety than are not usually sold at our local grocery stores. Very tastey and, again, I have more than I know what to do with.
I love the way eating raw and living more green and holistic is affecting my relationship with my daughter. I am a stay at home mom, and my daughter still breastfeeds so you’d think we’re about as close as we can get, but as I begin to feel more alive and joyful our bond becomes deeper and deeper. We’ve recently created our compost pile and begun clearing a space for our garden. The day after working in our garden I could tell she felt more connected to me and more secure of the fact that I am happy with her and love her. At times, when I carry her she plants kiss after kiss on my cheeks or on my shoulders. She usually wakes up with a huge smile on her face as if anticipating a beautiful day. I find myself feeling much more compassionate and sympathetic to her needs and feelings. What a beautiful thing. I also notice that I have much more energy to play . I suprise myself by how playful I am with her without getting tired. Isn’t it wonderful how feeling good about ourselves can heal and enliven our whole life and our connections to our loved ones.
My perspective on what is actually food has changed so much. I’m not saying that cooked food doesn’t sound good to me at all (because it does), but I associate it with flavor and maybe a full sensation rather than nourishment. I have realized that most of my cooked food cravings are for the sensation that eating that particualar food will create in my body rather than the flavor or nourishment of it.
Tonight I’m developing "Goji Berry, Buckwheat Breakfast Cookies" and trying my first batch of "Rejuvelac" I’m very excited to taste them.
Here’s to a wonderful evening and a gorgeous tomorrow.
Good Night

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