This has been a wonderful day. I’ve spent most of it in the kitchen developing and experimenting. I am really loving Juliano’s book RAW. So many wonderful recipes that inspire my own creations. I’m perfecting my sprouted bread recipe. Each batch is better than the last. I believe raisins will be my secret ingredient. We use a Ronco dehydrator (very affordable, we got ours on craigslit for $20). Because of the design of our dehydrator we must make each slice of bread individually, so they resemble large cookies.
Right now I’m sprouting, black beans and brown rice. I’m experimenting with a raw-fried bean recipe, raw spanish rice and rice milk. Today Little Lotus and I made cashew butter and strawberry jelly. The jelly was a bit runny because we sweetened with honey. Next time we’ll sweeten with dates – should make a nice texture. We spread our cashew butter and jelly on our sprouted wheat raw bread – delicious. The jelly recipe with honey will make a great syrup when we make banana ice cream.
Thank you for visiting… we hope everything is your world is exactly as you love it
Luvli Lotus

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