Raw Pizza & Sustainable Living Roadshow

Our Raw Pizza is a hit. Little Lotus is eating her third piece and counting. Yesterday we soaked our wheat berries, then dehydrated our crusts over night. This moring we added herbs sundried tomtato sauce, cashew cheeze and veggies then dehydrated for a while longer. So yummy it has fully satisfied all my junk food cravings without the yucky feeling.
Little Lotus and I attended such a wonderful event yesterday called the Sustainable Living Roadshow www.sustainablelivingroadshow.org. We had so much fun letting our inner flower children shine. The folks in the roadshow travel by bus caravan and all the buses run on veggie oil or biodiesel. We got to take a tour of the buses. The power for the event is all solar. There weren’t a whole lot of people at the event, so I got to watch Little Lotus from a little bit of a distance as she made her own friends and had her own experiences. We met so many new friends and kindred spirits. Little Lotus even made friends with the security guards who were absolutley lovely. The whole event had a wonderful community feel. I was immediately reminded of how suported I feel as a parent when surrounded by community minded folks. I was also reminded of my goal of visiting eco villages aroung the country.
Hope you enjoy the pics! 
Here are a couple pics of Little Lotus building a mandala with new friends
IMAG0106 (2)IMAG0109
Here we are playing with flower petals from the mandala


Having a blast with Veronica, one of the beautiful voluteers at the roadshow


Yawah & Ras of Organic Roots Cafe (with a friend) serving up vegan goodness


Yawah on a home spun bike



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