What an absolutely amazing day! Life is shifting and growing every day. I’ve been teaching several raw food workshops per month at Earth Fare, a large health food store here in Knoxville. In April I’ll begin teaching workshops at the city run art center. My book seems to be selling very well too. We’ve just joined the YMCA and I love working out. They have a great children’s area so I can actually have a little time to myself to focus on my health. Me time is priceless to a single parent. Although, after June I won’t be single. I’ve just gotten engaged to an amazing man. I’m so excited. He’s a raw foodist as well. Very beautiful and very sweet. After we are married, Little Lotus and I will move to Oklahoma. We visited Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised. At first all I noticed was that it was flat compared to the mountains of Tennessee. One thing I love is the Native American presence. As we drove through we read signs that indicated which tribal territory we were entering. I also love the local health food store. It’s very down to Earth seems to attract all races and classes of folks. That’s wasup!
So I’ve shifted DRM from a monthly mag to a seasonal mag. I hope to be able to blog more and add exciting new elements to DRM. Have the most amazing day!

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