Pour a little love on it

Another amazing day. Our minds are so powerful. Sometimes I may wake up "on the wrong side of the bed" , but it’s such a simple step to adjust my mind to happiness. There is really so much to be joyful about. Little Lotus is on the phone with my wonderful fiance. At times she has a hard time wrapping her head around sharing her mama. At the same time she is excited to have two parents to love her up- plus the prospect of little siblings to play with. What an amazing thing, emotions. Children are just so real with their feelings. Anyone would feel the same way, but a child will let you know it. Through this experience I am learning that the answer to most emotional challenges is to pour a little love on it. When Little Lotus feels out of sorts it’s time to hug her and kiss her and fill her up with love.
We have a DVD of the cartoon Little Bear. In one the episodes two skunks are getting married. Their wedding vows are, "Do you promise to kiss eachother forever?"
"I do."
"I do."
Could it really be that simple? I thinks so.
What an amazing and wonderful journey.
Luvli Lotus

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