Living Blissfully

Little Lotus and I have had a wonderful weekend preparing for the wedding. First thing Saturday, we took our recycling in.
Sometimes Little Lotus has a hard time letting go of small things like peices of paper and clothing tags. It’s so amazing the things that are important to children. Next, we were on our way to Erin’s Meadow Organic Herb Farm. We have wanted to visit the herb farm for a while, and researching our wedding bouquets gave us the perfect opportunity. Here are several pics of the farm, isn’t it gorgeous…



It looks like our herbal bouquets will be wonderful. We are considering giving our guests small potted herbs as wedding favors and thank you gifts. I love working with small local businesses.


My goal this week is to drink a small green juice everyday. In the past when I’ve juiced a make it a very big deal, pulling out bunches of veggies and fruit and usually making too much juice. I’m changing my perspective and technique a bit. Now I juice, for example, 1/2 cucumber, 3 stalks of celery and 3 leaves of bok choy. It makes a nice little juice that is do-able every day. Yesterday I began OIl Pulling as well. Oil Pulling is the practice of swishing certain types of oil in the mouth first thing in the morning. It is suppose to pull toxins and waste from the body. I have primary lymphedema so I am always looking for ways to cleanse and heal. I’m looking forward to experimenting with oil pulling.


Today we have had an amazing feast. I love making several dishes in the morning to last throuout the day.


We have here: fresh organic strawberries, salad with sprouts and avocado, spicy kale salad, marinated mushrooms and creamy cashew salad dressing. YUM! Little Lotus likes some cooked foods, so I usually cook a mixed vegetable dish for her in the morning.  I don’t keep her from cooked foods that she wants, but I try to always have on hand raw foods that she loves, like nori wraps, strawberries, oranges and cashew cheesey broccoli. She makes really good decisions when it comes to food. She already understands the connection between food and her health and she feels confident that I trust her to listen to her body. That’s pretty nice.

Have a great day! Luvli Lotus


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