Seeds Want To Grow

Little Lotus and my father planted several tomato seeds last week. They’ve just broke the surface of the soil today. Here she is with her tomato sprouts and her sunflower plant…
I am so excited about growing our garden… whenever we do begin. I know gardening is work, but knowing that seeds want to grow, even in a little cup with a little soil in it, makes growing things seem so simple!
I love that Little Lotus has had time to bond with her grandfather. We’ve all grown so much. For me it’s been very healing to live with my father for the first time since I was very small. Loving father figures are so important.
I know I’d like my next book to be about my experiences over the last few years. They have been challenging, unbelievable, wonderful and magical. I was very unsure, though, about the angle. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to write a novel, a memoir, a self help book or what. Over the weekend I read a wonderful magazine about spiritual health and in it was a description of a book published by Hay House, a publisher I really admire. The description of the book sparked an answer within me about my own book… how wonderful. I had read several articles in the magazine, but my intuition guided me to keep reading. I had a very real feeling that there was something very specific for me to find. When I read the description of the book. The same inner part of me said, "That’s it!" I love it!
Best of days
Luvli Lotus

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