Wedding Bliss, Honeymooning and Life

It’s been an amazing few months. Our wedding was beautiful. We had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony that included poetry, rieki, and a water ritual. We danced our booties of at the reception, and ate delicious raw food and scrumilicious raw cakes prepared by my friend Damien at the Glowing Body
 I did most of the wedding planning myself in about 3 months. We had a few challenges, though, which I learned so much from. About two weeks before the wedding, the dress designer I’d been working with became very unreliable, not returning phone calls after a sizeable deposit. I finally got ahold of her about a week before the wedding, and realized that it would be less stressful for me to shop for a new wedding dress, flower girl dress, and bridesmaid dress than hope that all the dressed would be ready at the last minute. I was right. She returned my deposit, and I found my dress in a day for about 1/4 of price of my custom one. Little Lotus and I found hers in about the same time. When my bridesmaid got into town we found her dress in about 2 hours. Absolutely amazing! My sister/friend who was reading poetry in the ceremony got caught in L.A for an extra day after her luggage was stolen. She didn’t arrive until the morning of the wedding. We were both emotional about it, but as soon as she arrived she shopped for fabric for about 1/2 hour and made a really creative and beautiful outfit. Everything seemed to fall into place. We found the perfect officiant, our friend Angie  about 1 month before the wedding, and the week of the wedding we hired an acoustic guitar player to play Stevie Wonder’s song I Believe as I came down the aisle.
I did get extremely emotional the night before the wedding and the day of. I think I was nervous and afraid. It seemed like I was crying about everything. I had been working on the wedding for 3 months and it was finally here. So much was about to change, but as soon as the ceremony I felt elated.
It was a really wonderful wedding: classy, earthy, and fun. The DJ was great. We danced, danced, danced! We even did the Electric Slide! For our first dance, my new husband and I danced to All My Life by Jodeci. When it came time for me to dance with my Papa, we surprised our guests by dancing to Stevie Wonder’s Always instead of a slow song. My dad broke our his James Brown moves. It was a blast!
The bridal shower was amazing too. My bridesmaid (and sister/friend) Tameca and my good friend Doreen planned it. We held it at Erins Meadow Organic Herb Farm , who allowed us to gather flowers and herbs for the bridal bouquets. The folks who work there were amazing. My wonderful friend Yawah catered with living food and the guests brought artistic earth-friendly gifts.
For our honeymoon we spent a couple of days in Asheville, NC. Asheville is a wonderful city. We had a great time as you can see in the video below.



(if you can’t see the video, here’s the link
After our honeymoon we had a 20 hour ride in a moving truck. It was horrendous, but we survived.
So, now we’re enjoying our new home and our new blended family. We’re experimenting with container gardening on our balcony and researching DIY solar panels. What an adventure.
See you soon.
Luvli Lotus

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