Green Smoothie Challenge Day 1

I’ve begun my Green Smoothie Challenge with some things I had in the fridge. This morning I’m drinking red chard, banana, and orange. It tastes really wonderful. I didn’t want to add agave nectar like I usually do, so I threw in a few extra bananas. It is very sweet and yummy. My goal is to drink 2 bunches of greens each day. So I’m off to the gym after I drink my smoothie. I love to wear flip flops to work our in… they’re so comfy.
Last night I had a headache which means I need more water. I have been menstruating for the last two days. Since incorporating more and more raw food into my lifestyle my menstruation time has decreased from 5 days to three days of light flow! I love it. I still get headaches during my moon time though. I love my moon time and I want to find more ways to celebrate it. There is an amazing woman named Gina Cloud who facilitates workshops and events that help woman reclaim the honor of being a woman. I love it! That is a subject I want to research more. I love reading books like When God Was Woman by Merlin Stone or Succulent Wild Woman by SARK. What an amazing contribution our spiritual evolution.
Luvli Lotus

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