Day 2 Green Smoothie Challenge

Wow!, I am in love with green smoothies. My Green Smoothie Challenge began yesterday. I am challenging myself to drink 1-2 green smoothies a day for a week. I am not fasting, only adding green smoothies to my 90% raw food lifestyle. After only 1 1/2 days I feel a huge lightness of spirit and body and increased mental clarity. I have been watching Victoria Boutenko’s video Greens Can Save Your Life which I have learned so much from. Serveral points that were really helpful to me have been:
-Greens contain unsoluable fiber which acts as a sponge for toxins as it goes through the body.
-Unsoluable fiber has the ability to soak up 16 times its weight. Victoria Boutenko calls them "magic sponges".
-All green leaves contain tiny amounts of poisons that are good for us in small amounts, but harmful if they add up in our bodies. So, it’s important to use a variety of greens in our green smoothies. For example: today I will blend kale with fruit and tomorrow I may blend dandelion greens.
Recently I published my first Squidoo lense. It is a picture tutorial called 5 Simple Steps to Raw Organic Pecan Milk.
You can read it by clicking here
Pecans make a delicious nut milk. My husband calls it "pecan pie in a glass"
Here’s to our greatness
Luvli Lotus

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