Day 3 of Green Smoothie Chanllenge

This is Day 3 of my Green Smoothie Challenge. Since Monday I have challenged myself to drink 1-2 green smoothies a day in addition to my usual 90% raw lifestyle. The inspiration for this was Vicotria Boutenko’s video Greens Can Save Your Life. I ‘d like to build up to drinking 2 bunches of greens each day, which depending on the bunch of greens, is about 3-4 green smoothies per day. I haven’t followed any recipes so far, just mixed whatever greens are available (already in my fridge or at the healthfood store or farmer’s market) with fruit and water. So far I have experienced these benefits:
-Increased sense of wellbeing and peace of mind
-No desire for caffeine
-Decreased desire for cooked food
-Very easy release of waste from my body
-Clearer complexion
-Smoother skin on my body
-Consistent energy throughout the day
I am not fasting with green smoothies, but I must admit that there isn’t much room left in my tum for any other food. This is so wonderful, I will probably continue this habit even after this weeks challenge is over. To learn more about green smoothies visit Victoria Boutenko’s website
Today Little Lotus and I visited the farmer’s Market to buy lots of friut for green smoothies and to snack on. WE LOVE FARMER’S MARKETS’. We went there with the last of this weeks grocery budet ($16) and left with all of this
Luvli Lotus
Publisher/Editor Divine Revolution Magazine

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  1. Shalonda Treasure
    Oct 07, 2009 @ 07:42:36

    Hey cousin, I think that I may try this. I am looking for ways to change some things in my diet that will be lasting.


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