1 week of Green Smoothies

I did it! 1-2 Green Smoothies a day for a week. It was truly phenomenal. One days 4 and 5 I blended my fruit with celery. I did not like this as much as blending fruit with leafy greens. In the future I’ll juice my celery instead of blending it. On days when I excercised and had my green smoothie I felt an increase in the positive effects of the daily green smoothies. I think I’ll do another week!
Saturday we went to the grand opening of a raw restaurant and academy called 105 Degrees in Oklahoma City www.105degreesacademy.com. Raw food Author and chef Matthew Kenney is a partner is this venture. It was really nice to meet Mathew Kenney and see such a great intentioned business. We really enjoyed their smoothies and desserts.
Luvli Lotus
Publisher/Editor DivineRevolution Magazine

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