New Abilities

It’s been a good long weekend. I had my second speaking engagement on Saturday. It went well and gave me an opportunity to see things that I’d love to improve in my public speaking. I am considering joining Toastmasters. I think that will be great opportunity to gain feedback on my strengths and things I can improve. I was reminded of Toastmasters by Tonya Zavasta. I’ve just finished reading her book ‘Your Right to be Beautiful’, and in the end she mentions being a member of Toastmasters. Sounds like a great idea. I’m taking a little break on speaking engagements until February.
My husband just had his 32nd birthday. It’s his first birthday since we’ve been married. Little Lotus and I found a wonderful book about old fashioned movie monsters for him. He’s a huge horror movie lover. We had a lot of fun shopping for his gift. He’s really a wonderful man, which makes me feel great about my own personal growth. I know that the folks around us are reflections of our inner lives and I feel like I’ve come a long way emotionally to have co created such a wonderful relationship.
Little Lotus is learning to sleep in her own bed now. She’s four and she has slept with me from her first day of life. Last night it took 4 hours to put her to bed. Tonight we’re making magic monster spray to help her have courage in her own room. She’s also learning to clean her own room, which has been a wonderful way to keep her occupied. Yes, she’s growing! It’s great for both of us to gain confidence in her abilities. When she does something that she didn’t think she could do she looks so proud.
Have the most amazing and wonderful day!
Luvli Lotus

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