Raw Adventures in Trial & Error

I have had several adventures with trial and error over the last couple of weeks and learned a lot. I’ve learned that pearled barley is not a raw grain and it won’t sprout. Pearled barley has had the hull removed and gone through steam processing. I soaked pearled barley with sunflower seeds planning to make a hearty  bread. I noticed after a couple of days of sprouting that the sunflower seeds were sprouting, but my little barley pearls weren’t sprouting (although they had gotten very soft). I’ll look for raw barley the at the health food store.
Rice was my next teacher. I really enjoy making rice milk. The first few time I made it it was really really grainy, so now I strain it between five and ten times. The finished product is very creamy and smooth. I usually soak my rice overnight and sprout it for one day in preparation for milk. This time I decided to sprout it longer. Perhaps increase the nutrition and make the grains a bit softer. After three days they had nice long tails so I decided to make milk.
It looked so good, but it tasted BAD! Usually I love the sweet nutty aroma of rice milk being made. The fragrance had changed from a nutty smell to a distinct vegetable scent, which makes sense because they were now little plants. So I’m sprouting more today and I’ll let it sprout for one day this time!
A couple of days ago we bought small dish drainer to make sprouting a bit more convenient. It’s working. Here’s a pic.
Wishing you an amazing and joyful day,
aka Luvli Lotus

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