Finding Balance

My recent lesson has been balancing the different roles in my life. I’m sure this is a universal challenge. Balancing our roles as parents, partners, amazing people, writers, artist, etc. Balancing the needs of our families and the needs of our soul. We’ve recently connected with a group of homeschooling parents who meet a few times a week. I’m really excited about that, I think it will give me a chance to have grown up conversations and give little one a chance to run and play like the wild thing she is.
I have a new raw sweet that I love so much… wild raw unfiltered honey! It’s so different from the average honey sold in most grocery stores. Our whole family loves it so much that we’ve just had 15 pounds of it delivered! It’s such a complete food not just a sweetener. Since it’s unfiltered it still contains the bees wax, propolis, and pollen. It smells and tastes to complete. I know some vegans don’t eat honey, but we do. We prefer to purchase either local or wild honey.
In Love Joy & Peace
Luvli Lotus

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