Juice Feast Day 1

Two days ago a really wonderful person sent an email to me asking about juice feasting. I’m so happy she did because I realized that’s exactly what I needed. Although I eat amazing raw food everyday, I ‘ve been feeling a bit full. So I’ve commited to a 7 day juice feast and lots of rest and water. We’re leaving for Boston, Ma next Thursday so that gives me enough time to have a nice juicy cleanse. We were invited to a gathering on Saturday where the beautiful hostess is incorporating some raw food just for us so I’ll take a small break-fast Saturday night.
Today I have enjoyed:
lemon,parsley, cucumber, celery, pear juice
red cabbage, kale, cucumber, carrot, lemon juice,
and lemon apple juice.
I’m about to bliss out on a big glass of water next.
Today I was invited to speak at an Earth Day Festival in Knoxville, Tn. I’m so excited! My vision is traveling and speaking about raw food and exhibiting my books and other creative things… it’s manifesting. This opportunity has inspired me to contact other festivals for oppportunities to speak and present raw food workshops. There is an amazing saying that I love, "You already have everything you need". I’m not sure who said it, but I was introduced to the philosophy in SARK’s book Succulent Wild Woman. It’s so true. So many dreams and blissful visions are so close and within reach if we will only believe in ourselves.
Love Love Love

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