Second Day of Juicily Feasting!

Today has been an interesting juicy feasty day. First, I woke up with the same headache I went to bed with. I know it’s just a symptom of detox, but it was so uncomfortable. I couldn’t believe my head was still pounding when I woke up! I drank a big jar of water, took a hot shower, and rubbed magnesium oil on my temples, then I rubbed magnesium gel all over my body. To my surprise it burned quite a bit, but my headache was reduced by about 90%.
Although I really wanted to rest today, we had an errand to run in preparation for our trip to Massachusettes. It turned out okay though. My energy levels are fine. Last night my mind was racing for food, but today not so much. So far today I have loved:
Herbal detox tea &
Celery, apple, broccoli, parsley, lemon juice
The broccoli in the green juice was so refreshing. It’s flavor really stood out to me. My palate has become much more sensitive from just one day of juice feasting. I can already feel amazing things happening in my body. I feel clearer, my face is a bit leaner, and my skin in a bit clearer. I’m amazed by these wonderful things, but I’m not surprised. I think juice feasting or healthy fasting is a wonderful tool in a radiant health tool box.
So now I’m on the way to stock up on delicous stuff to juice.
Wishing you Love Love and more Love,

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