Our New England Raw Food tour Part 1

We had a WONDERFUL vacation! We left for Massachusetts on Thursday the 4th, and I spent most of Wednesday making food for our trip. We had just received our Excalibur dehydrator so I made raw crackers and burgers for our trip. We were allowed to take a food bag on the plane because we were traveling with a child. Here is Little Lotus and I on the plane. Daddy was sleeping, but he doesn’t want us to publish those pics…lol.
We had a layover Dallas, Tx then flew on to Logan Airport in Boston where Jerome’s father picked us up in his bright yellow Hummer. As soon as we got to town we shot over to Alissa Cohen’s Grezzo. The food was delish! I had the very satisfying and yummy Greek Pizzetta, Jerome and his father had a special called Land and Sea which was an earthy combo of mushrooms and sea veggies. Little Lotus had the Chocolate Torte with Alissa’s famous gelato. We all had various nut milks.
Little Lotus and I with Chef Sam and Hostess Lucy at Alissa Cohen’s Grezzo in Boston.
Little Lotus took this pic sitting at one of the cozy candle lit tables at Grezzo in Boston
We ate our food From Grezzo in the car during our 65 mile ride to Spencer where Jerome’s Father, stepmom, and little brother and sister live in a wonderful big country house. We caught up with the family and went to bed to rest for our next adventure.
Stay tuned…

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