Our New England Raw Food Tour Part2

We bagan our next raw food adventure on Friday, March 5. We drove over to Beverly, Ma to visit Chef Rawbert’s Organic Garden. On our way we stopped at a beautiful little health food store in Worcester, Ma called Living Earth to grab snacks and kombucha for our trip to Beverly.
Here is the beautiful mural on the side of Chef Rawbert’s Organic Garden. Doesn’t it make you feel like eating great organic food!
I was really impressed by the variety of chocolates and other sweet treats available to Chef Rawbert’s. the picture below is of a delicious chocolate peanut butter cup.
And here is Little Lotus standing in front of a display case full of raw vegan treats.
I really liked to atmosphere at Chef Rawbert’s Organic Garden. It was very cozy and comforting. As we walked in the front door we were welcomed by the sound of soothing running water from the fountain by the door. The atmosphere was very family friendly, even offering crayons and puzzles for children.
I began my meal with a refreshing Chai Frappe and we commenced to ordering, burgers, sushi, and a spinach onion pizza. Organic Garden has a wonderful selection of raw comfort foods and has the homey atmosphere that I have come to appreciate about some vegetarian restaraunts, but had yet to find in a raw vegan restaraunt. The next time we visit Chef Rawbert’s I must try his living bagels! They staff was very friendly too. Here is our very knowledgable waitress with Little Lotus and daddy.
We ended our trip to Beverly with a trip to a little health food store whose name I cannot recall. My husband loves to search different health food stores for various herbs, supplements, and books that are new to him.
Stay tuned for Part 3!

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