Our Raw Food New England Tour Pt.3

On our third day in New England we made our way to Exeter, New Hampshire to the Blue Moon Market and Cafe. This place was so cute and cozy, What I liked about it best was the atmosphere.
Here we are outside.
The Blue Moon has a yoga studio upstairs and they seemed to have a nice vegetarian and vegan menu selection. They had one item on their menu that was labeled raw, but at the last minute we realized it was served on an Ezekiel wrap which is sprouted, but not raw. This actually turned out really great though because they carry, in their market area, amazing raw onion bread made by a woman we visited later in our trip. So we spread the delicious nut pates and fresh veggies on the onion bread… it was delicious.
Here are my two cuties getting silly.
Little Lotus in here froggy boots that she was complimented on throughout our entire trip.
Next, we drove for about an hour to Salem, Massachusetts, the witch city! I really liked Salem. We were there in the off season so many of the witch museums were closed.
We stopped by the Witch Dungeon Museum although it was closed.
Then, we got silly at the Army surplus store on our way too one witch museum that was opened.
The witch museum was very sobering. They offered a visual presentation on the Salem witch trials. My favorite part of the presentation was the tour at the end. The presenters really surprised me with their views on the history of witches, present day witches and the basis of the scary witch persona. The tour constisted of several installations with a narated description. The first was of a very Earthy woman with a baby in her arms and bunches of herbs drying around her. She described that she was a midwife and healer. The next installation was of the popular scary witch with a green face riding a broom. She described how she was created to villainize the midwife/healer and make people replace their respect for her with fear. Another installation depicted present day pagan witches or wiccans. They described who they are and what they are really about. The last installation showed how perceived differences + fear = persecution.
We enjoyed a late supper at Alissa Cohen’s Grezzo in Newburyport. Look at this amazing appetizer. It’s called avocado skins. The avocados are dusted in an herbed nut flour and topped with raw sour cream, softened brocolli, and eggplant bacon… YUM!
That night Little Lotus and I got to meet several of Jerome’s good friends Rahiem, Tyson, and Chris. It was great to meet them after hearing about them for so long. 
What a great day!
Stay tuned for more of our amazing adventures!

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  1. bendedspoon
    Oct 06, 2010 @ 11:40:43

    i like the green boots


  2. bendedspoon
    Oct 06, 2010 @ 12:02:56

    now you gave me an idea! can i?
    thanks for appreciating my blog.
    i’ll keep on checking yours
    that i may be encourage in eating healthy.
    i’ll start with the 7 day juice feast


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