Sensuous Raw Pizza & Magical Living Quiche

What an amazing day! I have quiche/pizza crusts dehydrating in my Excalibur and 2 cups of sprouted wheat berries waiting to be processed into submission until smooth and doughy. I’ve been developing (and playing with) a savory raw quiche recipe for the last week and a half, which means we have had lovely pans of quiche in our refrigerator all week long. We enjoyed pizza on Friday and topped one of our crusts with loads of veggies and fresh pesto-like sauce. It was scrummy, as you can see from the pic below!

Delicious Raw Pizza

Here is a pic of one of my early quiches:

My husband loved it. He said the sharp flavor reminded him of sharp cheddar cheese. It was a little too sharp for me, so back to the recipe board I went.

Recently in my kitchen I have felt like Vianne in the story Chocolat or Tita in Like Water for Chocolate as I listen to the whisper of my ingredients, feel the wind on my face, and infuse my food with sensuality. A kitchen is a powerful and magical place!


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  1. [postage stamp required]
    Oct 06, 2010 @ 11:39:21

    that looks fantastic…what about posting some recipes?


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