Quiche UnBaking and Booty Shaking

Delish Raw QuicheSaturday, the day of the Merchants’ Cuisine Festival, approaches, and my recipe for a savory raw quiche is getting better and better. Last night my creation was somewhere between raw quiche, pot pie, and pizza. It was so delicious. It contained one very surprising ingredient, which I will unveil next week when I share the recipe for this dish. The crust is so tasty, flakey, light, and simple. I can’t wait to try variations of it like a sweet breakfast bread or some kind of cinnamon roll.

Little Lotus (my five year old daughter) and I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning dancing to old reggae like the Abyssinians and Jacob Miller. We blissed out to African RaceSattta Massagana, and Reason Time. We shook our booties (literally) to Tenement Yard and, one of my dancehall favorites, Murder She Wrote. I must admit I’m listening to Murder She Wrote right now!

My second favorite thing to do in my kitchen in dance! …Just a minute I’ll be right back… Alright, I’ve got that out of my system. Before becoming a fabulous and juicy Mama to a phenomenal and amazing little girl I could be found at the reggae club in my neighborhood several times a week shaking what my Mama gave me. Perhaps that’s why, late at night when any reasonable Mama is probably in bed, my natural urge is to wind-up and dance.


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