Prepping Recipes & Creating a Book Cover

My presentation is tomorrow! I’m really excited about it, and equally excited about the long break from deadlines I’m taking after this weekend. I say a break from deadlines because I’m sure I’ll continue to work, but I love the freedom of an open end. I don’t mind deadlines, as they do require a certain focus. They also cut down on my perfectionism a little, as I can put finishing touches on  a creative work for a long time, but if I have a deadline I am forced (at some point) to come to a stopping point and trust that it’s good enough. But it will be nice to work without them for a while.

Raw Food for Real Folks draft book coverYesterday I created a working cover for my upcoming un-cook book. I’m calling my new book  ‘Raw Food for Real Folks’. I’m even more excited about this project now that I have something tangible (a cover) to associate it with. Although it’s just a working cover which I’ll keep working on, it still motivates and inspires me.

So today I am ingredient shopping, prepping recipes for tomorrow’s demo, and writing my speaker notes. I’d better get to work!

Loads of  love to you!


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