The Book that Demands to be Written!

My presentation at the Merchants Cuisine Festival went really well. This is the first year for the festival, so attendance was fairly small, but the organizer and staff were professional, respectful, and helpful. There were helpers available to help me with my daughter, help unload my vehicle, and assist in setting up my presentation. I felt very supported. Thank you Diana Troitsky for putting on a wonderful event and inviting me to participate!

at the Merchant's Cuisine Festival

Preparing my ingredients for my presentation

Merchants' Cuisine Festival

Presenting my Fabulous Raw Quiche recipe. I loved the stage set-up.

 Aaaah, now it’s time to regroup and focus on self, home, and family. Although, creative ideas and projects run rampant in my brain. They keep me up late into the night, and they keep me running to my computer between loads of dishes and laundry. Last week I decided that my next book will be ‘Raw Food for Real Folks’, although I have another book idea that has whispered to me for over three years. In fact, this book demands that I bring it to life! It is a book about becoming our most powerful selves through personal challenge. Just before my 30th birthday I experienced one of the most profound challenges of my life. This personal challenge included, family betrayal, homelessness, & poverty. It could have been life shattering, but the amazing thing about this experience is that I emerged as a much clearer, stronger, vibrant version of myself. After observing this I realized there were certain things that contributed to me enjoying a positive outcome to this challenge. As these principles came to mind, I wrote them down as a book outline and decided each principle would be a chapter in a book one day. I’m almost sure this will be my next project. So many books to write and so much time. It’s a good thing that life is long!

I’m wishing you all the LOVE, JOY, BEAUTY, & ABUNDANCE  you desire,



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