Juice & Water Fast Day No.3

I feel amazing! Really good. The headache I developed at the beginning of my fast lifted last night. I woke up with fresh orange juice this morning.

My favorite thing about this fast, besides beginning to feel amazing, is creating new habits. I know that juicing is an important part of my healthy lifestyle, and this fast is prompting me to develop habits that make juicing more convenient in my life. Habits like positioning my juicer in my kitchen in a way that makes it very easy to use, and making sure I have lots of produce to juice. I am really attached to orange juice and apple celery juice. I’m excited about mixing it up a bit with more of my favorite greens and fruits.

On my third day of this fast I’ve noticed that my joints feel clearer, my skin is extremely soft, and my face is slimmer. I’ve also notice that my body requires lots of rest right now. I’m thankful for the opportunity to heal and renew!

In Love,




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