What a Surprise!

“What a death! What a chance! What a surprise! My will has chosen life! Still it has had me spooked and many others besides!” –Ada in The Piano 1993

Today has been phenomenal! Today I developed a project plan for my next book Unstoppable You. Last week I began a painting for the cover, and it’s almost done. My mind has run wild conceptualizing the many inspiring products I can create from my paintings… very exciting. I have to remind myself to be patient and pace myself because I want to see my vision manifested overnight!

The quote at the very top of this post is from the movie the piano. The character Ada had just jumped from a boat intending the commit suicide. She surprised herself with her desire to live in what would have been her last moments of life. The words above were her thoughts as she realized she wasn’t ready to die.  This is the scene that came to mind as my husband and I decided to give marriage counseling a try in what seemed to me like the end of our marriage. What a surprise indeed! We attended our first session last week, and both came away with a better understanding of ourselves and each other. Intimately relating to another person is not easy. It seems to bring up all of the issues, hurts, and weaknesses that we don’t really have to look at when we are alone. This is a beautiful thing.

I have read there is magic in the unknown and in-between. I’ve read this described two ways. One description of this principle identifies an opportunity in not knowing what comes next.  This principle is also depicted as a magical place where one thing ends and another begins, such as the space right between the beach and the ocean, or the time just between the light of day and the dark of night. This in-between space is where I find myself these days. I am not quite sure of the outcome of several aspects of my life, but I trust the journey is making me an even more phenomenal, compassionate, and well-rounded person.

Wishing you abundant LOVE and authentic JOY,



Delicate Dynamo

Self LoveHello Beautiful! Today has been great, tomorrow will be even better, yesterday was quite a challenge. I knew this experience would involve ups and downs, yesterday was definitely a down day. But, aaah, my beautifully clear vision of things to come has kept my head up and a smile on my face.

I am learning something wonderful and amazing about myself. In my raw food workshops I describe the enzymes in living food as ‘delicate dynamos’. I have read them described this way by various raw food experts, and I love the term. Today I realized that I too am a ‘delicate dynamo’. I am a ‘dynamo’ because I am capable of so much. I am a very strong person in many ways, and I am adventurous enough to get out into the world to try new things. It has taken me a while to understand the delicacy of myself, and my present experience is showing me just that. Through this experience I have learned that it is unbearable for me to not live on my path. I have learned that, although I see beauty in another, the energy they choose to cultivate in their life may not be for me.  If it is gruesome or highly negative it is definitely not for me. In moments like this I know the name of my company, Living Our Bliss, is a reminder for me, a call to action as I protect and love the ‘delicate’ parts of myself.

I love this opportunity to practice the principles in my next book! My next book is about becoming our best in the face of challenge and adversity. Although this lovely experience is hurtful, it couldn’t have come at a better time. So far I have been able to test these principles which will be some of the chapters in my book:

  • Powerfully Joyful! (Maintaining Joy In the Midst of Personal Challenge)
  • Impeccable Self-Love and Self-Care (Taking Care of Yourself in the Eye of a Storm)
  • You Are My Reflection (Your Thoughts, Beliefs and Feelings Shape Your World)
  • Every Challenge Bears Many Gifts (Finding the Purpose in Life’s Challenges)
  • Let Them Go (Releasing Toxic Relationships)
  • Angels Do Exist (Accepting Divine Assistance)
  • Inner Guidance, Inner Wisdom (Intuition, the Voice of Divinity Within)
  • A Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime (Everything in Your Life Has a Purpose)
  • Feasting on Goodness (Looking for Beauty to Cultivate)
  • Embracing Success (Releasing an Addiction to Struggle)
  • Divine Parenting (Parenting Yourself, and Caring for Your Children as Divine Beings)
  • Perfect Imperfection (The Voice of Your “Faults”)
  • Love is the Answer (Pour a Little Love On It)
  • Forgiveness (Releasing Yourself from Anger)
  • Perfect YOU (Embracing Your Unique Beauty)
  • The Fire of Transformation (Becoming Your Personal Best in the Face of Adversity)

I can’t quite describe in words the fulfillment I receive typing these principles. They are part of the purpose of my life and I am thankful for the opportunity to explore them. With this it all makes sense.

With LOVE unmeasurable to you and your vision



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